The Future of the Highest Rewards

You might be wondering what is the best card to use (or get) for different categories of spending. Or you may simply be wondering what card to use for what purchase. If you spend money in any one of these categories then you might consider applying for one of the corresponding cards with that category if you don’t already have it. Often times these cards will come with annual fees but the cash back you receive from using the card will pay for itself and then some. If you are not using a credit card on your purchases you are throwing away free money. We want to help you get money back in your pocket when you have to make any purchase and these cards WILL do just that. In this article I have taken into consideration 3 things in my selections:

  1. Value of return
  2. Value of the current sign up bonus
  3. Long-term value

Your job is to narrow down what category your needs fit into; then, either reach out to us to get a recomendation, or, if you feel confident, select one of the options from this list. Be sure to use our links! Without further ado, here are my recomendations…

General Travel (Flights, Hotels, etc..)

  1. Ink Preferred
  2. Sapphire Reserve
    • A difference of 30,000 points for the sign up bonus


  1. Hilton Aspire
  2. Hyatt
    • Both come with annual free nights but the Aspire comes with $450 worth of annual credits

Airline (CO-BRANDED)

  1. Southwest Business Performance
  2. AAdvantage Aviator Red

Cash Back

  1. Ink Cash ($500)
  2. Chales Swab Platinum ($600) *must have Charles Swab Account
    • Ink Cash has no annual fee

Balance Transfer

  1. Amex EveryDay
  2. Freedom Unlimited
    • get $250 back using this link pasted into “incognito mode”


  1. Amex Gold
  2. Sapphire Reserve


  1. Amex BlueCash Preferred (6x)
  2. Freedom Unlimited (3x)


  1. Citi Premier (3x)
  2. Freedom Unlimited (3x)


  1. American Express Platinum
  2. Freedom Unlimited
    • Platinum Card comes with $200 UBER credit annually


  1. Discover it Cash Back
  2. Amazon

Every Day Purchases

  1. Freedom Unlimited (3x)
  2. Sapphire Preferred (1-2x)

HIGHEST All – Around Value

  1. Sapphire Reserve
  2. Amex Gold

Published by

Points On Purpose

Credit cards can be scary for everyone, especially if you are like I once was, struggling with your credit history and confused with how it works. Two years ago my friend, Aaron Jackson, helped me transform my credit eligibility. When I started I had 13 collections, low 500’s credit score, and ZERO credit history. After several ignorant credit card application denials, I set out to learn how to repair and build my credit so I could start raking in big credit card bonuses. My credit score is now 791, I have 10 credit cards in my name, zero collections, and am saving thousands of dollars simply by using credit cards to rapidly gain points, miles, and cash. You can see why I am passionate about this and why I want you to experience the same help that was given to me. I understand it can be embarrassing to talk about your credit record, but we've all been there and that is why we are HERE! - Dusty

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